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Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Spyware Removal, Adware Removal

  • We offer remote virus removal, malware Removal, spyware Removal and PC Speed Boosts.
  • Our Technicians are 100% U.S based. We're available by Live Chat or by Phone.
  • Sometimes computers are just as slow as traffic in New York City. Get a Speed Boost from Chuck.
  • Our connection between your computer and our network is secured by High-Tech Gladiators. We smash on site.
  • Have a conference call? Let the convenience of our services speak for itself. Forget about us, it won't hurt our feelings.
  • We aren't like a mechanic. We're going to fix the problem the first time, and save you money.

What do I do first?

Just chat, connect and walk away.

Our technicians are standing by to help you with your computer issue right now. All you have to do is click to chat(REMOVE ME: ADD CHAT LINK), or call us. We're going to get connected to your computer via remote desktop software, run a few tests and then get to work. This can be done all while you are out walking your dog, attending to your children, or cleaning your home.

All you need to get connected is:

  • High speed internet. (DSL, Cable, or faster connection).
  • Windows XP or newer. Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.
  • Computer powers on and able to connect to Internet.

"My computer was running slowly. I've tried other companies, but they never had a time that worked for me. I called Let Us Fix It and they connected right away. I was able to get things done around my home. I did the dishes, cleaned the laundry and even started making dinner. When they called me back, my computer was like new again. Wonderful service!"

- René Friedman - Charlotte, NC

How it works...

Take a look at how we work and what to expect.

We make getting your computer fixed, easy. We want to enable you to be able to continue doing your daily tasks. We don't want you to have to wait around for a tech, or be on the phone for 2 hours. You're going to be able to call us or chat with us, and get remote computer help right away. Take control of your life, while we work in the background. Let us Fix It, and fix it right.

We offer remote virus, malware, spyware, and adware removal.

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